German Klimenko

Since 2016, January 4th - Adviser to the President of Russia


Born December 7 1966, in Moscow.
1983 — 1990
Served in the Armed Forces
Graduated from the Mozhaisky Military Engineering Institute, now the Mozhaisky Military Space Engineering Academy.
1990 — 1991
Head of the Programming Department at ELEKS Group’s Computing Centre.
1991 — 1992
Head of the algorithms department for the International Information Data Bank of the International Fuel and Energy Association’s Information and Computing Centre.
1992 — 1993
Head of department at TOO Information and Computing Centre of the International Fuel and Energy Association.
1993 — 1994
Engineer for mathematics support of software and communications, head of the credit department, deputy director and acting director of the Moscow branch of Starbank.
1994 — 1998
Head of the credit and monetary department, deputy manager and manager of the Cheryomushki branch of Commercial Bank Rossiisky Kredit.
Graduated from the Higher School of Economics.
1998 — 1999
Chairman of the Board of Commercial Bank Elika.
Branch Manager of Elika, Commercial Bank Tulsky Promyshlennik.
General Director of ZAO
2000 — 2008
Chairman of the Board of OOO Commercial Bank Kvota-Bank, Chairman of the Board of ZAO Commercial Bank Kvota-Bank.
2008 — 2016
Strategic planning specialist at OOO Laboratory of Searching and Strategic Decisions.
Since 2016, January 4th, German Klimenko is the Adviser to the President of Russia